G7 Spot

The G·7 Spot is the quintessence of IP-rated moving heads.

A fast, compact, and lightweight mid-sized moving head spot with high-output and low power consumption.

Thanks to its white LED engine and CMY color mixing, the G·7 Spot is the perfect moving head for those who need maximum light output inside an easy-tomove luminaire.

The G·7 Spot gives you a solid construction, a high-quality beam, and an optimal projection in a very flexible assembly.

G7 Beast

The G•7 Beast is a Dualsource™ moving head specialized in aerial beams and high-power blind/strobe effects.

Its glass parabolic reflector collimates multiple reflections into one coherent beam of light, while a rounded array of LEDs, inserted in the center of the reflector, delivers a high-power white strobe blinder.

Due to its wide lens aperturt: projection capabilities, and outstanding direct view effect, the G-7 BeaSt creates an innovative system specially interesting for long-throw applications, high-scale tours, and versatile installations.